I help people solve their design problems, whether it is a large-scale renovation with all the planning and questions that entails, or transforming a room with paint, furniture, art and creative storage solutions.  I also think good design shouldn’t mean spending more than you are comfortable with, which is why I offer scaleable services from Design Coaching to Full-Service Design.

Design should be fun, so I try to add an element of surprise and delight to the design while satisfying the needs of your project –whether a custom piece of artwork, a salvaged joist used as a shelf, or an industrial sliding door, I always try to come up with one-of-a-kind features to make each space unique.

In addition to being the author and photographer of Kid’s Rooms: Ideas and Projects for Children’s Spaces (Chronicle), I’ve worked on numerous design books and magazine features and have designed DIY projects for House Beautiful and Woman’s’ Day Specials. My designs have also been featured in Apartment Therapy,  Design Notes,  the blog from Design Within Reach and others.

As for my past, I created the company in 2006 after years of refining my vision as a commercial photographer specializing in interiors, home-furnishings and food.  You may have seen my photographs in over a dozen books including the bestselling A Room of Her Own and in magazines like Metropolitan Home and Martha Stewart Living, Meanwhile, I renovated every place I lived in as well as helping friends with their design challenges. Eventually I expanded my education at Parsons, receiving a Certificate of Interior Design while gaining practical experience designing and project-managing renovations.

Why CAV you ask?  CAV is an acronym for the “central axis of vision”, a term in perspective drawing referring to the sightline of the observer. Our homes are extensions of this sightline, our point of view. CAV also refers to the phonetic spelling of ‘cave’, which provided one of our earliest forms of shelter –  one we adorned with paintings to tell stories. I believe the environments we create at home tell our stories, and I consider it a delight and a privilege to collaborate with my clients in telling theirs. If you have any questions about how I may be able to help you with your project, please email me at info@cavdesign.com You’ll see from the services ‘menu’ that I offer a range of levels to work on, from sourcing just a few pieces to re-designing an apartment, so don’t be shy.

Many Thanks,

Jennifer Lévy

CAV Drawing